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We consider Mulloway Studio to be a broad-based design practice. While architecture is at the core, we rely on our ability to work in allied areas to sustain both the practice and the practitioners. These include exhibition design, graphics, public art, urban design and others.


One of the ways that the practice has used to develop its profile and establish itself generally is a willingness to invest in competitions. These have ranges from a museum in Venice, to a collaboration with Slovak architects ‘Nice’ for the old RAH site, to a proposal for low-cost housing built on Adelaide’s over supply of carpark spaces.


We retain strong connections with both schools of architecture through casual teaching, intern programmes and study


FEATURED PROJECTS // Coming soon! Stay tuned...


N1 Pump Station, Mundaring Weir, ‘Story-telling Machine’, 2003


One of our first museum projects, the complete renewal of a converted pump station in the Perth hills allowed us to develop a number of ideas around heritage and adaptation as well as story-telling and notions of Place. As an experience the place is set up as a ‘game.’ A series of clues engage the visitor, prompting further investigation that ultimately leads to a detailed understanding of why the place is important. The building was left largely ‘as found’ and with the addition of clues about the various fixtures, openings, and other elements, remaining or removed, while the main stories are embedded within a new large story-telling pump-like ‘machine.’


The project has been awarded the RAIA Award for Heritage (WA) 2005, Museums Australia awards and was presented at the Best in heritage conference in Dubrovnik in 2006.


Never Say No




A toss up between the collection of champagne corks – one for a win or place in some architectural competition, and the model of Tintin’s rocket from Herge’s 1952 ‘Explorers on the Moon’ adventure.




This is a complicated question. A good process demands a high level of self-awareness. It is also evolutionary, but at this point I think ours may be found in the following couple of interrelated and inseparable points: one is about sense of place, and the other about responsible craft.


We look for an ‘authenticity’ or ‘truth’ that comes from within the project itself: there is a central and poetic narrative at the core of every project that comes from the interaction between the place and the people who live/work/occupy that space. Each is unique and it is the aim of the design process to develop and illuminate that story.


At the same time we are concerned with getting the most out of the site, employing planning and design techniques that move toward a sustainable outcome. The layout of buildings and spaces, materials and system selections are undertaken with a mindset of doing as we can with as little as possible.




We would like to think that they would see us as willing to take on anything, with the ability develop a unique, interesting, and (pleasantly) unexpected outcome.

Hart’s Mill Projects, Port Adelaide, ‘Purified Playground’, 2014-2015


These series of 3 interrelated and collocated projects are important in a number of ways: they demonstrate that with relatively little capital outlay, infrastructure projects can play a significant part in community development and urban regeneration.


The conversion of the external areas to a flexible series of spaces providing recreational amenity, the conversion of the large former storage shed as an events venue, and the loop path as an outdoor museum, recreational exercise path and art gallery work together to support community programmes. They are underpinned by outcomes of a 5-year research and mapping programme and all reinforce the cultural identity of the place.


The project has been awarded a Good Design Award, the David Saunders Award for Heritage, and an Architecture Award for Urban Design by the AIA amongst others.

DIRECTORS // Felicity Sando and Anthony Coupe


ADDRESS // Level 1, 16 Peel Street, Adelaide

PHONE // +61 8 8231 3131



SPECIALISATION / PROJECT TYPES // Civic and urban projects, museums and exhibition design, residential design, adaptive re-use, cultural heritage.


SERVICES // Architecture, urban design, exhibition design, cultural heritage, masterplanning, feasibility studies, graphics, public art.



The practice started in 1996 out of a conversation between 2 couples. Following respective sojourns into ‘AID’ type projects, mainly in Mexico and Western Samoa, Felicity and Anthony, and Steve and Jen, formed a practice, Mulloway Studio. Based initially in Melbourne and Adelaide, things were slow to start, having to balance and intermittent supply of projects, parenting, lack of funds, site visits, and interstate travel.


Mulloway currently has two directors – Felicity Sando and Anthony Coupe and is located on Peel Street in the West End of the City.


‘Domain’ Open Space Proposal, Parachilna, 2011


Located on the edge of the plain, west of the Flinders Ranges, the project provides a design for the conversion of disused railway land as a type of town square and community space. The unending flat landscape to the west is sharply contrasted to the wall of the ranges to the east and the proposal seeks to highlight ways of looking at the landscape. It exaggerates the difference between mountain range and flat salt plain by maintaining the horizon. A viewing ramp leads to nowhere – an infinite view to the east while providing shade from northerly wind and embodying geological interpretation.

Photography // Nº1 Pump Station – Robert Frith, Acorn Photo Agency / Hart’s Mill – Don Bryce / Parachilna – Mulloway Studio


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