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Exciting news recently announced, that South Australia's very own Anthony Balsamo, of Walter Brooke Architects, has taken out the AWS sponsored 2017 National Emerging Architect Prize, awarded by the Australian Institute of Architects!

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Australian Institute of Architects
Jury Citation //

Anthony Balsamo
is awarded the 2017 National Emerging Architect Prize in recognition of his significant contribution to the profession through design excellence, education and industry leadership. Balsamo graduated from the University of Adelaide with First Class Honours in 2003 and commenced work at Walter Brooke and Associates.


Balsamo has worked on a range of private and public projects that have been awarded at state and national level by the Australia Institute of Architects. As an associate director at Walter Brooke and Associates, Balsamo is recognized for his diverse range of skills and passionate pursuit of quality architectural outcomes.


In 2004 Balsamo co-established the New Architects Group to provide support to young professionals. This was subsequently formalized by smaller groups nationally, forming what is now EmAGN (Emerging Architects and Graduates Network). Balsamo went on to become the national president of EmAGN and has most recently served as a councillor for the Institute’s South Australian Chapter.


Balsamo was a co-creative director of the Festival of Architecture and Design. He is a current board member of ArtSembly and the creator of Design Festival in association with the Adelaide City Council.

These contributions have been balanced with design teaching at the University of Adelaide. Balsamo is very deserving of the National Emerging Architect Prize. His work highlights the contribution that individuals make within larger practices and across many realms, and he has defined himself as a current and future leader within the industry.

And in case that wasn't already enough... Anthony has worked on a number of exciting SA projects including //


Lead Precinct Architect on the Adelaide Oval Redevelopment project , acknowledged with a Commendation in Urban Design and followed by a National Architecture Prize. His involvement in the Adelaide Oval Redevelopment project began at Concept Design phase and continued to

project completion some 5 years later. Anthony provided design leadership in all aspects of the immediate and wider precinct and lead the direction of the urban design outcomes and was also responsible for the design, documentation and construction phase for all External Works of the Northern Mound quadrant.


The ANZAC Hall and Piper Pavilion at Prince Alfred College received the David Saunders Award for Heritagein 2011. The project followed a master plan completed by Walter Brooke in 2004 and a subsequent series of projects resulting from a design competition shortly thereafter.

Anthony led the design of the ANZAC Hall and Piper Pavilion, which was therespectful refurbishment and extension of the former Assembly Building by the late Jack Hobbs McConnell. The project outcome produced a high degree of user flexibility within a framework of adaptation and reverence for an enduring example of modern architecture, adjusted to suit contemporary use.


The Australian Federal Police Headquarters at Adelaide Airport received a Commendation for Commercial Architecture in 2013. Dramatic yet practical, it amalgamates a loose collection of existing facilities into one unified statement, improving the AFP’s functional operations while elevating its identity and public profile. A key concept behind the design is the balance between high level security and an appealing public presence. Designed to AFP and ASIO security requirements, it is softened by features such as shaped precast walls that are functionally defensive yet sculpturally inviting, and casual seating benches doubling as protective bollards. Located in a flood-plain, the building responds with elevated massing and sensitive landscaping, including earth-mounded flood mitigation measures.



  • Ken Maher // LFRAIA (Chair) President, Australian Institute of Architects, Fellow, Hassell 

  • Ksenia Totoeva //  RAIA 2016 EmAGN President 

  • Amy Muir // RAIA 2016 National Emerging Architect Prize winner, Director, Muir Architecture 

  • Lucy Howells // Marketing, Partnerships and Events Coordinator, AWS








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