ASBN Living Building Conversations #11; CLIMATE ADAPTION



WHAT // Living Building Conversations #11; CLIMATE ADAPTION

WHO // Adelaide Sustainable Building Network (ASBN)
WHEN // Wednesday, 5th April 2017, 6pm - 7pm

WHERE // Plant 1, 16 Park Terrace, Bowden 5007

HOW // Register here


Changes to the global climate are now considered unequivocal and scientists have stated that it is now clear that there is a human influence on climatic and ecological systems. There are many global and regional impacts due to projected climate change, forcing us to question how we will alter practices to adapt to our oncoming climate reality.

Climate Adaptation requires us to reconsider the way our environments, societies and assets are managed and shaped in response to the impacts of climate change. While climate change presents disruptions to our current practices it also offers exciting opportunities and design challenges to transform society culturally and economically.  Envisioning the role our built environments must play to help us mitigate the impacts of climate change will be the main topic of our next Living Building Conversation.

Join us on the 5th of April to discuss approaches, drivers, barriers and the delivery of built environments for climate adaptation with our esteemed panel. The Plant 4 Wednesday Night markets will be in full swing after our event, so make a whole night out of it at Bowden!



  • Jenni Garden - Senior Environmental Consultant at Seed Consulting

  • Andrew Bishop - Manager Sustainability, Project Delivery with Renewal SA

  • Valdis Dunis – Development Manager at The Solar Project | Convenor of Australian Solar Council SA Chapter | Co-Convenor of Solar Citizens


Our panel will be happy to take questions, so if their is something you would like to discuss, come along and be ready to ask!



Jenni is the Senior Associate with Seed Consulting Services, based in Adelaide, South Australia. She is one of Australia’s leading practitioners of urban green infrastructure measurement, monitoring, and valuation. In this role, she is particularly interested in how green infrastructure can be used to achieve multiple beneficial outcomes across various urban sectors. Jenni’s background includes a Ph.D in urban ecology and landscape ecology, a post-doctorate in urban ecology and climate change ecology, and extensive fauna field survey experience. Jenni is passionate about helping to create more liveable and resilient cities through novel approaches that seek a better balance between development, social, and environmental needs.


Andrew Bishop is Manager Sustainability, Project Delivery with Renewal SA and is currently working on the Bowden development. He manages building related projects including refurbishment and upgrade of existing character buildings and sustainability programs including the Green Star Communities rating and the Green Star rating of buildings in the Bowden development.  In his 24 year career, he has worked in the private sector and government on a number of land development projects ranging from large greenfield to high density mixed use urban infill development.


Valdis Dunis is in the clean energy industry, working for the commercial solar engineering firm The Solar Project, and also with advocacy groups The Australian Solar Council and Solar Citizens.  He also updates the community of the progress – especially in investment and jobs - for SA as a world leader in the clean tech space with his popular Facebook page 100% Renewables for SA.  He is also leading a team to bring the high-tech all-electric FIA Formula E car racing to Adelaide.  He is a resident of North Adelaide and recently added a battery system to his home to complement his solar PV system, by becoming #69 of the 1,000 battery systems that AGL is installing across Adelaide.


WORDS // Courtesy of ASBN

IMAGES // Courtesy of ASBN


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