Aldinga Library // Brown Falconer


PROJECT NAME // Aldinga Library


ARCHITECT // Brown Falconer
PROJECT PERSONNEL // Mario Dreosti, Deborah Aukland, Kristi Cook, Freya Martin

LOCATION // Aldinga Beach, SA

SIZE // 2700 sqm

BUILDING TYPOLOGY // Public Buildling


 Children's Reading - Cubby Houses




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Youth Gaming Cave



Libraries have seen a paradigm shift in their role and function in recent years. Aldinga Library has repositioned itself to appeal to multi-generational users.


The children’s activity area provides cubby reading nooks, play areas, IPad access, areas for story time and wet activities. A simple palette of soft pastels, complimented with natural ply gives warmth and texture and compliments the children’s collections. A gaming cave and study zone defined by an angled ply entrance, flexible furniture and bold colourful graphic provides youth their own space to retreat.


The internet hub, self-service café, community newspaper lounge and council customer service areas are all located ‘front of house’ and engage with the Main Street frontage and future retail mall. Bi-fold windows give a beachside café feel. The suspended spar of in the infamous Star of Greece ship wreck draws occupants into the local history area where they are invited to embark on a historical journey.


Community meeting rooms and digital hub areas are resourced with high tech AV equipment for meetings, training, events and forums. The central collections are defined and celebrated with a sculptural ceiling featuring 42,250 timber dowels interspersed with suspended light fittings in a black MDF background.



Youth - Quiet Study



ADDRESS // 28 Chesser Street, Adelaide, SA

PHONE // +61 8 8203 5800





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INTERIORS // Brown Falconer

GRAPHIC DESIGN // Martins Brand House

CONTRACTOR / BUILDER // Shape Australia
SIGNAGE // Option A


SERVICES ENGINEER // Mechanical Brown Falconer, Electrical Engineer Brown Falconer, Hydraulics Engineer David Steer

QUANTITY SURVEYOR // Donald Cant Watts Corke


PHOTOGRAPHY // David Sievers



CEILINGS // The feature dowel ceiling is at the core of the project, providing a central focus from where the spatial layout begins. The interior spaces circulate around the core collections area, with the vertical height of the dowels creating a visual wayfinding that is mirrored in the contrasting floor finishes. The dowels emulate the coral within a reef, and the floor directly under replicates the ocean’s waves breaking to the exterior of the circle. There are a total of 42,250 dowels throughout the feature ceiling equalling approximately 8.5km of dowels if laid end to end.

INTERNAL CLADDING // Feature walls of hoop pine ply, feature graphics and quotes, black MDF, Echolinear 14/2 oak, Echo Panel charcoal, Instyle Ecoustic charcoal

INTERNAL FLOOR FINISHES // Interface B601, B602, B603 colour Caspian, Forbo eternal concrete, and eternal colour light grey floor vinyl, Forbo Marmoleum real, colour Laguna, Tarkett Accent Excellence Long Modern Oak white floor vinyl

PLUMBING FIXTURES // Corian integrated sinks, Serenity, glacier white, Franke basis series sinks, Fraganite Onyx finish, Liano Nexus Sink mixer, matt black, Zip Hydro taps, matt black

LIGHT FITTINGS // Mutto Grain Pendants, colours White, Grey, Green

JOINERY FINISHES // Abet Laminati yellow, ,lime, pastel blue, aqua, turquoise, black MDF, hoop pine ply, true oak timber veneer, ivory elm timber veneer, Ceasarstone sleek concrete, Ceasarstone fresh concrete, Corian glacier white, Freestyle new KosciuskoInstyle Ecoustic charcoal, Echo Panel charcoal, Woven Image Ritual aqua


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