Event recap: Adelaide Sustainable Building Network 2017 Launch


Event recap: where we attend events about architecture and architecture-adjacent fields and report back so you don't have to. You should still go though. We are easily distracted by cheese platters and may miss salient points.

Adelaide Sustainable Building Network is famous in Melbourne, apparently. While we by no means measure our success here in Adelaide by whether our friends in the east are talking about us, it’s easy to see why they’re jealous. Agenda attended the launch event for ASBN in 2017, and we would like to report that the wine was delicious, the raffle prizes compelling (second prize: an avocado sapling for the Millennial aspiring to home ownership), and the events ahead worth looking into for anyone interested in sustainability, design or being exposed to some fascinating thinkers.


Speaker Jodie Bricout from Lifecycles offered some insight into circular economies for the uninitiated (like us!), while the audience questions revealed a spectrum of attendees from various fields of work and study. In the context of architecture, circular economies means doing a lifecycle assessment, or examining and expressing the impact of building materials from the point of inception, such as mining or growing to how it is decommissioned or recycled at the end of it’s useful life- then finding ways to keep using that thing rather than dispose of it and start the whole process over. She also touched on some concepts that sound rather like the sharing economy, although the term wasn’t used, and reflected on working in a part of France more affected by the loss of manufacturing than even Adelaide. Jodie also alerted us to the forthcoming report into the economic benefits of implementing a circular economy in South Australia. Her talk on future of consumption was optimistic enough to placate the panic which set in during Koyaanisqatsi at WOMAD, helped along by fairly wholesome food and wine.

Keep an eye on the Agenda calendar for future ASBN events, and visit the ASBN website for all updates and recordings of previous talks. Next up: April’s Living Building Conversation #11 on Climate Adaption- see you there! 


Image // Supplied by ASBN

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